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'67 Epiphone Wilshire "Batwing"

Strings: 012 - 017 - 022 plain - 036 - 046 - 056

Originally purchased in 1974 by Mike. This guitar has been beat, rebeat and beat again. Ok, to the sharp eyed gawkers out there, you probably noticed some funky stuff going on with this guitar. The original mini-humbucker pickups went microphonic so they were changed for Firebird pickups, The neck's been broken off no less than 3 times. The original bridge was placed wrong, so the intonation could never get right, and the original vibrato broke. So, a Gibson locking tremolo was installed. Oh yes, and see the knobs,  the second one from the top, which should be the tone control for the neck pickup, is bigger. It's bigger because it is not a tone control, it is a notch filter similar to a varitone used on the Gibson 345 and 355.

The good news is that this is one of the best sounding Epiphone Wilshires out there, warts and all. You will recognize this guitar in some of the old Dream City pictures. Listen to this baby on "Spoonful" where Mike is playing it straight with a heavy brass slide. It also can be heard on Mike's slide guitar trade-offs with Dan's lead at the end of "Good Morning Little School Girl" with the notch filter engaged on position 2.

This guitar looks good with the Epiphone Embassy Bass.

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