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Mid 60's Sears Silvertone Electric Guitar

Strings: 012 - 017 - 022 plain - 036 - 046 - 056

Talk about a sleeper -- single coil DeArmond Pickups (all the electronics are DeArmond), guitar assembled by Harmony for Sears Roebuck. The neck is believed to be maple with rosewood fretboard and mother of pearl inlays. The body looks like mahogany. Cool clear knobs, tortoise shell plastic pickguard, three screws hold on the neck. This little throw away kicks serious butt...and if you don't believe it, listen to Mike's electric slide solo on "Crawlin' Kingsnake" to become a believer. This is also the rhythm slide guitar on "I'm Ready".

The body resonates and provides lots of sustain. The Sears Silvertone Danelectro's don't come close to this for quality or sound.

This is the guitar used on top of the back of the CD cover for "Hook Water Wolf", the guitar on the bottom is the Magnatone Mark IV.

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